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Blog post writing format

Now&Me’s Blog has been created to provide knowledge and to spread awareness. It is an open invitation for all those willing to contribute to help grow the community.

Feel free to peruse the numerous categories (Mental Health, Physical Health, Relationships, Women’s World etc.) and subcategories (Career, World Peace, Caffeine Dependency, Break-up, Abortion, High Blood Pressure etc.) when choosing what to write on.

A foreword before writing the article: The article should provide value and insights. It should be a comfortable read. The sentences and paragraphs should be segmented properly, such that the article is easy to grasp.

To submit an article, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. The article can be in the form of a knowledge piece, personal experience, observation work.
  2. It needs to be 1500-2000 words long.
  3. When deciding which topic to cover, consider a wider subject that may not have been reported as much. Eg. Articles on "Anxiety" may be quite common, but perhaps articles on "High Functioning Anxiety" may not be as common.
  4. Write in small, easy-to-read paragraphs. Try to keep sentences short too to ease readability.
  5. In order of importance: Properly define the main heading, subheadings and sub-sub headings such that they explain the article clearly; each subheading summarising its contents.
  6. Subheadings to preferably be why/how/where/what questions, as often as possible. For this, use phrases that are searched on Google. Refer to the recent articles on our blog to better understand the format.
  7. Link two references from other websites to the article. Scholarly articles on websites ending with a .gov domain are more reliable.
  8. They have more authority on the subject matter.
  9. Include one link from the website itself. This could be a link to any particular post/category/subcategory. It is important to attach the link to the words that describe it best. That helps in knowing the content of the link.
  10. Upon completion, kindly run a spell-check and Grammarly test to correct basic errors (premium features not required) before submitting.

You can e-mail your work to upon its completion.

Submission is not a guarantee to publish.

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