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Each day, every day, society is always telling us how we should be leading our lives and which mould we should each be fitting into. We’re so busy living our “best life” on the internet that we forget to get in touch with how we really feel. We’re constantly being fed the perfectly fabricated personas of strangers. It forces us to only put our happy, contented self forward while ignoring all the other emotions we feel, which then end up getting suppressed. This can be exhausting to deal with, especially when things deviate (be it accidentally or by choice) from what is considered the norm.

We put on a brave face because we don’t want to bother the ones around us, or worse, we feel like they won’t really understand. From the life I’ve lived this far, I’ve learnt that being sad and surviving dull days is okay and are a part of what makes us human. We don’t have to “grin and bear it” to save people the inconvenience. I read an Arab proverb translation, “Sunshine all the time makes a desert,” which I’d like to interpret as: “not being okay is actually pretty okay.” :)

The things we’ve done, the places we’ve been to, the thoughts we’ve thought and the emotions we’ve felt…they will always be our own. They make us unique. And while that sets us apart, it also makes it difficult for anyone else to understand what we’ve been through or are going through at the moment. It is rare to find someone capable of empathising with our pain.

So this is why we have created Now&Me-to build a community that just gets it. People like you and me. No therapists, no counsellors, just real talk. These are people who may have had similar experiences, who can reassure you that it’s going to be okay, and if not now then eventually. They might advise you on what you should do to let go of what is bothering you. You can talk about anything under the sun here. Remember, “No problem is too big or too small.” This space has been designed to be the comfort zone that no one’s trying to push you out of.

At Now&Me, we are trying to change the outlook to help you embrace the absence of something with the same frame of mind as its presence. In times when one often asks, “Why me ?” Now&Me can help everyone move past that thought and decide what to do next.

Getting comfortable with the idea of failure, getting rid of the negative connotations associated with it and looking forward and trying again are the ideals upon which we have created Now&Me. It is intended to be a shoulder for you to lean on - a place where you can share your thoughts, knowing you will be listened to and not misjudged. 
So feel free to vent your frustrations, your failures, disappointments, regrets, sorrows or any other negative feelings. 
Just dump them here. Breathe easy.

Find others like yourself.
Find the courage to speak and to act your mind without any filters. 
Feel rejuvenated. Start the next day afresh.

“There is comfort in knowing that I am not alone.
There is peace in knowing I have another chance.”

Welcome Aboard.


Team Now&Me

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